Craig Pepper
April 29, 2024
3 Min Read

What is the PSTI Act

PSTI Act stands for; Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act 2022.

This is the new legislation in the UK for IoT manufacturers and anyone selling connected devices in the UK. As cybersecurity experts, Periculo is here to guide you through what this means for your business and how to leverage these changes for enhanced security and market advantage.

The UK has officially rolled out a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity legislation, aimed at safeguarding consumers from cyber threats by imposing strict security standards for internet-connected smart devices. 

These new rules are designed to close common security gaps that have historically led to significant breaches. Key Takeaways from this legislation: 

  1. Manufacturers can no longer use easily guessable default passwords like 'admin' or '12345' on any consumer device. This change forces a shift towards stronger, user-defined passwords right from the initial device setup—enhancing security from the ground up.
  1. Each device must have a vulnerability disclosure policy. This will ensure that when a security issue is found in a product, it will get fixed more quickly.
  1. Clear information must be given at the point of sale about the support period of that product and how long the manufacturer will provide updates for it.

For businesses, adapting to the PSTI new standards means overhauling some core aspects of operations. Product development teams must integrate stringent security features into designs from an early stage. Customer service must be prepared to handle queries about new security measures and privacy assurances. Additionally, data management practices will need to evolve to ensure they are in lockstep with these heightened standards. A robust cybersecurity strategy is no longer optional but a crucial pillar of compliance that also safeguards sensitive consumer data.

Meeting these regulations shouldn't just be seen as a compliance necessity; it offers a significant strategic advantage. Transparency regarding the security measures and the duration of support for updates can significantly boost consumer trust and loyalty. Businesses that can communicate their compliance and security proactivity effectively are likely to enjoy enhanced consumer confidence, which can translate into market growth and stronger brand positioning.

Periculo is poised to assist businesses in navigating these regulatory changes. We ensure that your business not only complies with the latest security mandates but also leads the pack in cybersecurity practices. 

Ready to enhance your cybersecurity strategy and ensure compliance with the UK's latest regulations? Contact Periculo today to learn how our expert services can keep you ahead of the curve in cybersecurity excellence.

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