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Cybersecurity contracting services

A trusted team of contractors

What do we offer?

Our team have been providing cybersecurity contracting services to businesses for almost a decade. As one of our core service offerings, we are able to fulfil a wide number of roles on a contract basis;

Information Security Managers
Information Security Consultants
Information Security Architects
Information Security Engineers
Penetration testers
Medical Device Security Consultants

We understand that finding the right contract resources can be difficult, especially when you have the expectation for them to hit the ground running. By choosing Periculo, you can trust that our contractors are part of our team, maintaining excellence in their work. This ensures you have access to reliable resources, whether on a day rate or fixed-price basis.

We operate within Outside IR35 contracts but also act as an umbrella company for Inside IR35 contracts too. Please get in touch with one of the team for more information.

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Companies that work with us

Contracting services we offer

Partner with us for unrivaled cybersecurity expertise

Information Security Consultant

Status: Resource available

Advises organisations on protecting their digital assets, assessing vulnerabilities, and bolstering their cyber defences.

Can Cover: Can work across various sectors like finance, healthcare, government, retail, and technology.

Job Types: May serve as an auditor, risk assessor, compliance specialist, or security strategist.

Information Security Manager

Status: Resource available

Oversees the implementation of an organisation's information security program, manages the security team, and develops strategic security initiatives.

Can Cover: Essential in industries where data protection is critical, such as banking, telecommunications, and public services.

Job Types: Roles can include head of cybersecurity, chief information security officer (CISO), security operations manager, or compliance and training manager.

Information Security Architect

Status: Fully booked

Responsible for creating comprehensive cyber defence strategies, including designing and implementing secure network architectures.

Can Cover: IT services, financial services, and enterprises with significant digital infrastructure are common industries for this role.

Job Types: Opportunities range from network security architect to enterprise security architect positions.

Information Security Engineer

Status: Resource available

Information Security Engineers are responsible for safeguarding an organisation's computer networks, systems and development. They design and implement security measures to protect sensitive information from cyber threats

Can Cover: Covering all industries, including start ups and working for development agencies.

Job Types: Typical job titles can include cybersecurity engineer, network security engineer, systems security administrator, devsecops engineer or security analyst.

Penetration Tester

Status: Resource available

Specialises in identifying security weaknesses by simulating cyber attacks on systems to find exploitable vulnerabilities.

Can Cover: Software development firms, defence contractors, government entities, and specialised security consultancies often require these skills.

Job Types: Common job titles include ethical hacker, security analyst, vulnerability assessor, and red team operative.

Medical Device Security Consultant

Status: Resource available

Concentrates on the protection of medical devices from cybersecurity threats and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Can Cover: The healthcare industry, including hospitals, medical device manufacturers, and biomedical research firms.

Job Types: Typical roles are healthcare IT security consultant, medical device security auditor, or regulatory compliance specialist.

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Onboard your contractor

Once agreements are in place, we will begin onboarding your contractor and hitting the ground running.

Flex as needed

Once the objectives have been completed, your contractor can roll off, or if your needs grow, you can bring in more resource as most customers find.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do work on site?

Our preference is remote only contracts however we do consider and fulfil hybrid contracts.

Do you cover all sectors and industries?

We cover all sectors and our range of expertise across consultants ensures that we are flexible. We currently have special interest in medical, healthcare and defence space.

Can you fulfil inside IR35 contracts?

Yes, our employees are the contractors so in this case, Periculo acts as the umbrella company and is responsable for the employees.

How fast are your consultants ready?

If we have capacity, then we can have a consultant ready almost immediately, with a maximum lead time of two weeks.

How does your partnership work?

Generally speaking, when we carry out a contract for a customer, they tend to keep us in mind for future engagements due to the high quality work that we deliver. Rather than having to establish a new relationship with a contractor, you can be safe knowing that a member of the Periculo team can be hired to support.