Craig Pepper
June 13, 2024
2 Min Read


Quishing: The New Threat in Cybersecurity

Quishing, a blend of "QR code" and "phishing," involves using malicious QR codes to direct victims to harmful websites. As QR codes become more popular, especially for contactless transactions, quishing attacks are on the rise.

How Quishing Works:

  1. Malicious QR Codes: Scanning a QR code that leads to a phishing site.
  2. Fake QR Code Stickers: Placing fraudulent QR codes over legitimate ones.

Protection Tips:

  • Verify the source of the QR code before scanning.
  • Use QR code scanner apps that can check URLs for safety.
  • Be cautious of QR codes in unexpected places or from unknown sources.

Stay vigilant and think before you scan to avoid quishing attacks.

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